The year 2023 marks a pivotal moment in the new cycle of cryptocurrency, enduring a series of centralized regulatory issues. However, narratives such as Ordinals, Real-World Assets (RWA), Depin, and Bitcoin spot ETFs unfolded one after another, gradually pulling the industry out of its slump.

The core of these new narratives is 'CONNECT.' The linking and engraving of wallets witnessed the revival of the Bitcoin ecosystem; RWA connects real-life physical assets with blockchain; Depin connects blockchain applications with physical infrastructure; Bitcoin spot ETFs connect crypto assets with mainstream financial markets.

Therefore, for the 4th PANews PARTY AWARD ( PANews’Retrospect of The Year AWARD) , we have chosen 'CONNECT' as the theme. From tens of thousands of projects, through various dimensions of assessment and screening, and after the selection by an authoritative jury and public online voting, we have selected 21 awards in 9 major categories. Our aim is to discover and commend outstanding Web3 projects, teams, and individuals, connecting Web3 with the real world, and bridging new and old cycles.